“Highlander 3” Drinks

There can be only two… movie titles.

All ingredients in one handy picture

Shot: Final Dimension, one of the titles of the movie.

  • In a shot glass combine 1/2oz each Frangelico and Drambuie

Cocktail: Glasgow Mule, after the city in Scotland and loosely based on some other drink.

  • Fill a copper mug with ice. Add 2oz blended Scotch, 3oz ginger beer, and 1/2oz lime juice. Stir, and hey, throw in the spent lime half too if you want. This is a judgment-free zone.
It doesn’t get much more Scottish than this

The movie so nice they named it twice (The Sorcerer was the other tacked on name). Find out what we actually thought about it, the drinks, and much more on our Highlander 3 episode!

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