Male Host / “Stork”

  • Landslide winner in Peacock’s unofficial “Turdiest Besotted Geek Host” poll
  • Claims to love superheroes, but drops most superhero comics within 3-4 issues, so really can’t be trusted
  • Huge turd
  • Has the misguided belief that he is the master of choosing the perfect GIF on Twitter, and is much too proud of it
  • In case you’re wondering why Stork’s “About” info is before Peacock’s, here’s a direct quote from the man himself: “I should get top-billing”…did I mention he’s a huge turd?

Female Host / “Peacock”

  • Runner-up in Stork’s unofficial “Favorite Besotted Geek Host” poll
  • Favorite words: “like” “stupid” “turd”
  • Threatens physical harm to her cohost during disagreements, but rarely follows through
  • Always eager to offer an opinion, no matter how unsolicited or ill-informed
  • Told me to add “heart of gold” or “she means well”. For real