Comics Pull List


Wonder Twins Giant Days
Black Hammer: Age of Doom Death or Glory
Midnight Mystery Midnight Mystery
Paper Girls Cult Classic: Return to Whisper
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina They’re Not Like Us
Martian Manhunter Tank Girl: Action Alley
Green Lantern It Came Out On a Wednesday
It Came Out On a Wednesday Wonder Twins
Gideon Falls The Fix
Tank Girl: Action Alley Criminal
Criminal Southern Bastards
Captain America Domino: Hotshots
Domino: Hotshots Dead of Winter
The Fix Blossoms: 666
Blossoms: 666 Punks Not Dead: London Calling
Southern Bastards Gideon Falls
Death or Glory Daredevil
Doomsday Clock
Black Hammer ’45
They’re Not Like Us Analog
The Quantum Age
Orange- new addition
Red- on the chopping block  
Green- as good as it gets  
Blue- neutral