Movie Franchise Lists

Here’s where we ranked the best (and sometimes worst) of made-up categories of the movie franchises we watched and discussed on the podcast.


Sidekick Dr Norton (RC’14)
Bad guy Raymond Sellars (RC’14)
Henchman Mattox (RC’14)
Weapon Robo-Cain (RC2)
Death Toxic waste & run over (RC)
Scene RoboCop v Robo-Cain (RC2)
Overall RoboCop


Good guy Gonzo (MFS)
Bad guy Long John Silver (MTI)
Cameo Michael Caine (TMCC)
Song Man or Muppet (TM)
Scene Fashion show/swimming (TGMC)
Creepy puppet moment Piggy skating/mad eyes/person (TMTM)
Overall The Muppets


Ally Alfred (BB)
Villain Joker (TDK)
Love Interest Selina Kyle (BR)
Gadget Grapple gun (B)
Vehicle Batmobile (B)
Scene Magic trick (TDK)
Overall The Dark Knight


Worst Good Guy Zed (PA3)
Worst Bad Guy Odo & goons (PA5)
Worst Sound Effect Robot (PA6)
Worst Love Interest Sharon Stone (PA4)
Worst Scene Hot air balloon/biplane chase (PA4)
Worst Overall Police Academy 5


Protaganist Sarah (Day)
Antagonist Rhodes (Day)
Zombie Bub (Day)
Weapon Dead Reckoning (Land)
Shelter Island (Survival)
Best Death Brother on Wall (Diary)
Favorite Scene Bikers v Zombies (Dawn)
Social Commentary Classism (Land)
Overall Night of the Living Dead


Love Interest Marion Ravenwood (RotLA)
Ally Henry Jones Sr. (LC)
Bad Guy Mola Ram (ToD)
Henchman Toht (RotLA)
Non-Action Scene Grail Trials (LC)
Fight Scene Bridge (ToD)
Chase Scene Truck (RotLA)
Death Old man Donovan (LC)
Artifact Ark (RotLA)
Overall IJ & the Last Crusade


Teacher Severus Snape (DH2)
Spell/Magic Display Expecto Patronum (PoA)
Student Neville Longbottom (DH2)
Magical Creature Fawkes (CoS)
Magical Object Marauder’s Map (PoA)
Good Guy Dumbledore (HBP)
Bad Guy Voldemort (DH2)
Scene Dobby Death (DH1)
Cringeworthy Moment Ginny snogging Harry (HBP)
Outfit Luna Lion Head (HBP)
Overall Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2


Pre-Credits Motorcycle/Train Chase (Skyfall)
Song Skyfall
Bond Girl Madeleine Swann (NTtD)
Villain Silva (Skyfall)
Gadget Golden Gun
Vehicle Lotus Esprit Sub (TSWLM)
Henchman Jaws (TSWLM)
Femme Fatale Xenia Onatopp (GE)
Ally Q (LtK)
Outfit Blue Romper (GF)
Scene Construction site chase (CR)
Overall Skyfall