“Better Off Dead” Drinks

In retrospect, perhaps this wasn’t a great pick for a Valentine’s Day movie, but it was a lot of fun. Shot: Perfectly Good White Boy, something that’s a real shame to see in the back of a passing garbage truck. 1/2oz each white creme de menthe and cream Cocktail: Gin (I’m Really Sorry Your Mom Blew Up) Rickey, a mix of another great movie quote … Continue reading “Better Off Dead” Drinks

“Space Jam” Drinks

Shot: Rim Shot, named after the ‘ba-dum, tsssh’ sound a drummer makes after a bad joke. Or just whenever a basketball hits the rim of the hoop. Ba-dum, tsssh. 3/4oz rum, 1/4oz cantaloup juice. Garnish shot glass with cantaloup ball. Cocktail: Space Jam, and I really can’t remember how we came up with this name. I’m sure it took awhile though. Place a frozen orange … Continue reading “Space Jam” Drinks