“Captain Marvel” Drinks

We’re back, baby! Better and boozier than ever! Allegedly. Shot: Kree, the good guys in the movie. Wait, no, they’re the bad guys. Right? I’m so confused…. 1/4oz Kirschwasser, 1/4oz light rum, 1/2oz elderflower liqueur Cocktail: Marvel, or Mar-Vell. TomAYto, toMAHto. Shake 1oz lime juice, 1oz blue curaçao, 2oz tequila, 1/4oz coconut cream over ice. Strain into an ice-filled, salt-rimmed glass. You didn’t really expect … Continue reading “Captain Marvel” Drinks

Badly Recapped: Comics week of 8/21/19

CRIMINAL #7 Synopsis in a Sentence: Ricky Lawless gets restless and reckless. THOUGHTS Just another stellar issue from Brubaker and Phillips My one complaint- wish there was a character and/or recap page like in The Fade Out I love these flawed characters and their interactions with one another If you want to get into comics but aren’t a fan of superheroes, pick up anything this … Continue reading Badly Recapped: Comics week of 8/21/19

Badly Recapped: Comics week of 8/14/19

GIDEON FALLS #16 Synopsis in a Sentence: Norton/Danny meets his maybe sister Clara in the more rural version of Gideon Falls, and both visit their father in the hospital who becomes a secret host of the Smiling Man. Bonkers. THOUGHTS Nice glimpse into the past showing Clara and Danny as kids, and use of a childhood injury tying to a scar on Norton, so maybe … Continue reading Badly Recapped: Comics week of 8/14/19

Badly Recapped: Comics week of 8/7/19

Trying something new here because I’m lazy. Just the briefest of thoughts on all the comic books I read each week. So here goes… DOOM PATROL #2 Synopsis in a Sentence: Cliff gets a new robot body and Larry hatches three positivity eggs from his chest and Lotion eats one and the gang prevent a couple planets from getting divorced. (Yeah, it’s a run-on sentence, … Continue reading Badly Recapped: Comics week of 8/7/19

Badly Recapped: Invisible Woman #1

MARK WAID – writer MATTIA DE IULIS – artist VC’s JOE CARAMAGNA – letterer ADAM HUGHES – cover   Synopsis in a Sentence: Sue Storm slips back into the spy game.   We begin Invisible Woman’s mini with a flashback to a mission Sue was on for SHIELD ten years ago, helping to smuggle a scientist across the made-up-country/Hungarian border. Although I love Mattia De Iulis’ … Continue reading Badly Recapped: Invisible Woman #1