“Muppets Most Wanted” Drinks

We send off the Muppets with a lackluster shot but a pretty decent spin on a classic cocktail. Shot: Crown Jewels, what the bad guys are after in the movie. 1/2oz Canadian whiskey, 1/2oz creme de violette. Because Crown, and purple- get it? Never mind. Cocktail: Constantine, what the bad guy’s named in the movie. 1oz each vodka, green creme de menthe, white creme de … Continue reading “Muppets Most Wanted” Drinks

“The Muppets” Drinks

The penultimate Muppet movie found us resorting to another main character for a drink, but seeing as how it’s almost over, it felt right. Shot: Tex Richman, the big bad of the movie, played expertly by Chris Cooper. 2/3oz black sambucca, 1/3oz Goldschlager Cocktail: Kermit– ’nuff said. 3oz vodka, 1/2oz each melon liqueur and lime juice. Shake over ice and strain into a cocktail glass. … Continue reading “The Muppets” Drinks

“Muppets from Space” Drinks

We celebrate horror month by watching this alien invasion movie. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Shot: Door in a Jar, after one of Q, er, Bunson’s inventions that- you guessed it- creates a doorway upon emptying the contents of the jar. 2/3oz melon liqueur, 1/3oz limoncello Cocktail: Gonzo, the main star of the flick. Weirdo-whatever extraordinaire. In a blender combine 1.5oz light rum, 1/2oz each blue … Continue reading “Muppets from Space” Drinks

“Muppet Treasure Island” Drinks

Yar, it be time to be impartin’ the recipes for the grog we swilled while reviewin’ Muppet Treasure Island, to be sure, arr! (Don’t worry, I hate me for that too.) Shot: Cannonball, because hey, pirates, am I right? 1/2oz each black sambucca and “coffee liqueur” – you know the one. #NoFreeRides Cocktail: Long John Silver, named after the lovable cook aboard the Hispañola… Fill … Continue reading “Muppet Treasure Island” Drinks

“The Muppet Christmas Carol” Drinks

We continue our Muppet movie franchise breakdown with this wintry selection, just in time for early September! Shot: Tiny Tim’s Cup, based on a Pimm’s Cup, which 95% of the population has never heard of. 1/3oz Pimm’s, 2/3oz lemon-lime soda, juice of small lime wedge Cocktail: Cratchit’s Nuts, after the chestnuts Mrs. Cratchit is roasting and can’t help sampling. Get your mind out of the … Continue reading “The Muppet Christmas Carol” Drinks