Badly Recapped: Paper Girls #30

BRIAN K VAUGHAN – writer CLIFF CHIANG – artist MATT WILSON – colors JARED K FLETCHER – letters & design DEE CUNNIFFE – color flats   Synopsis in a Sentence: The paper girls get a restart to their first day together with no memories of their adventures, but the promise of friendship to come regardless.   We’ve finally hit the end of the bittersweet road … Continue reading Badly Recapped: Paper Girls #30

“Star Trek III: The Search for Spock” Drinks

This week we found out (by accident) the best way to watch Star Trek III is right after II; let’s see how the drinks stack up to this underappreciated entry in the franchise. Shot: Bird of Prey, after the Klingon warship our plucky crew face and end up commandeering. 2/3oz vodka, 1/3oz melon liqueur Cocktail: Spock Corpse Reviver– part inside joke from our Wrath of … Continue reading “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock” Drinks