“Ant-Man and the Wasp” Drinks

Back with another timely movie and our drink tie-ins! We may not be relevant but we are consistent. Shot: Wasp, our female protagonist pleasantly portrayed by the lovely Evangeline Lilly. Say that three times fast. 2/3oz honey liqueur, 1/3oz white creme de menthe Cocktail: Pym Particle, the MacGuffin that allows for the resizing of our heroes. Fill a highball glass with ice. Add 1.5oz Pimm’s, … Continue reading “Ant-Man and the Wasp” Drinks

“Teen Titans Go! To the Movies” Drinks

Surely they wouldn’t make up drinks for a kids movie? Shot: Starfire, our Tamaranean princess Titans member with the green eyes and propensity to put “the” in front of words. 3/4oz melon liqueur, top with 151 rum. Ignite, blow out, drink. Cocktail: Titans Go, Robin’s catchphrase to spur the team to action. Fill a double rocks glass with ice. 3oz gin, several dashes orange bitters. … Continue reading “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies” Drinks

“Netflix Extravaganza 2018” Drinks

We’ve seen a bunch of stuff on Netflix lately. Here are the drinks to prove it. Shot: Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, aka Daredevil. Season 3 was pretty good- can’t wait for next season!… 3/4oz cinnamon schnapps, 1/4oz Campari. Side note, we just ran out of our second bottle of Campari. I’m betting the majority of people never own one, and if they do, they pass … Continue reading “Netflix Extravaganza 2018” Drinks

“Iron Fist” Season 2 Drinks

Possibly better than season two of Iron Fist… Shot: Davos, named after this season’s big bad. He’s got glowing red fists, so this was a no-brainer. 1/2oz each pomegranate liqueur and Campari. Cocktail: Triad, the catch-all term for Chinese gangs- in this case the “Hatchets” and “Golden Tigers”. In an Irish coffee glass: 3/4oz each elderflower and ginger liqueurs; fill with hot tea. We went … Continue reading “Iron Fist” Season 2 Drinks

“Justice League” Drinks

DC’s big team-up movie may have been a flop, but our tie-in beverages won’t disappoint! Probably. Shot: The Unity, named after the unification of “cubes” (aka Mother Boxes in non-Peacockese) the big baddie is seeking to bring about. 1/4oz each blue curaçao, Campari, limoncello. If you layer them it’ll look like this for a bit: Cocktail: Parademon Blood, after the bright green residue left over … Continue reading “Justice League” Drinks