“Star Trek III: The Search for Spock” Drinks

This week we found out (by accident) the best way to watch Star Trek III is right after II; let’s see how the drinks stack up to this underappreciated entry in the franchise. Shot: Bird of Prey, after the Klingon warship our plucky crew face and end up commandeering. 2/3oz vodka, 1/3oz melon liqueur Cocktail: Spock Corpse Reviver– part inside joke from our Wrath of … Continue reading “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock” Drinks

“Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” Drinks

We’re back to the Star Trek franchise with the second film, one which many consider the best of the series, and our accompanying drinks. Shot: Romulan Ale, a gift to Kirk from Bones on his birthday, and it’s blue, so… 1/2oz each white rum and blue curaçao Cocktail: Space Slug, after the mind control worms Khan uses. In a blender combine 2oz dark rum, 3oz … Continue reading “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” Drinks

“Leprechaun 3” Drinks

It’s our 3rd annual St. Paddy’s Spectacular, and you know what that means- the third entry in the Leprechaun film series! Shot: Gold Shilling, what yet again our diminutive demon leprechaun is after. If he loves his gold so much, why does he keep losing it? 2/3oz Irish whiskey, 1/3oz cinnamon schnapps Cocktail: The Lucky Shamrock, the crappy casino where most of the “action” takes … Continue reading “Leprechaun 3” Drinks

“Star Trek: The Motion Picture” Drinks

We boldly go where (maybe) no podcast has gone before by reviewing the Star Trek movie franchise, starting with 1979’s The Motion Picture. The movie lived up to that exciting title. On to the drinks! Shot: V’Ger, I guess the antagonist of the movie? Sorta? 1/2oz each vodka and elderflower liqueur Cocktail: Café 1701, something to keep viewers awake during the multiple scenes of nothing … Continue reading “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” Drinks

“The Umbrella Academy” Drinks

A power outage on recording day forced our hand, and we had to release a mini on the entertaining Netflix series, The Umbrella Academy. Fortunately we have a battery-powered blender for just such an emergency…. Shot: Hazel, one of the time-traveling killers out to ensure the apocalypse takes place. 1/2oz each hazelnut liqueur and cream Cocktail: Margarita No. 5, after the neon drink Number 5 … Continue reading “The Umbrella Academy” Drinks