“Hereditary” Drinks

Shot: Flaming Gabe, and once you see the movie, you’ll get the reference. Spoilers? 3/4oz Irish whiskey, float 151 rum, ignite. Blow out, drink, and reminisce over the actor’s fate in The Usual Suspects. Spoilers. Cocktail: Sorry Charlie, and once you see the movie, yada yada yada. 2oz Irish cream, 1/2oz vodka, 1oz Frangelico. Shake over ice and strain into a cocktail glass. If you … Continue reading “Hereditary” Drinks

“The Dark Knight” Drinks

Shot: Dark Knight, because sometimes you’re lazy and just gotta go with the title of the movie. 1/2oz dark rum, 1/2oz ginger liqueur Cocktail: Salvatore Negroni, named for Eric Roberts’ mob boss, Salvatore Maroni, and kind of a mix between a Godfather and a Negroni. Aren’t we clever? 1oz gin, 1oz amaretto, 1oz campari. Stir with ice and strain into a rocks glass; garnish with … Continue reading “The Dark Knight” Drinks

“Batman Begins” Drinks

Shot: Blue Flower, after the bloom Bruce must bring to the top of the mountain monastery to learn the League of Shadows’ secrets. #Alliteration. 3/4oz elderflower liqueur, dash blue curaçao (or enough to make it blue anyways) Cocktail: Face Your Fear, named for the part of the movie where Bruce must inhale the fear-inducing smoke of the burning blue flower and overcome his dread. In … Continue reading “Batman Begins” Drinks

“Deadpool 2” Drinks

Shot: Black Tom, the a-hole from the mutant prison whose powers are… uh… being a jerk. 1/3oz Irish whiskey, 2/3 Kahlua Cocktail: Collosus, DP’s big metal boy scout buddy. Probably doesn’t condone drinking. Fill metal cup with ice. 3oz vodka, 2oz cranberry juice, juice of 1/2 lime, top off with ginger beer. Feel free to toss in the spent lime half if it’ll fit. The … Continue reading “Deadpool 2” Drinks

“Space Jam” Drinks

Shot: Rim Shot, named after the ‘ba-dum, tsssh’ sound a drummer makes after a bad joke. Or just whenever a basketball hits the rim of the hoop. Ba-dum, tsssh. 3/4oz rum, 1/4oz cantaloup juice. Garnish shot glass with cantaloup ball. Cocktail: Space Jam, and I really can’t remember how we came up with this name. I’m sure it took awhile though. Place a frozen orange … Continue reading “Space Jam” Drinks