“Hereditary” Drinks

Shot: Flaming Gabe, and once you see the movie, you’ll get the reference. Spoilers?

3/4oz Irish whiskey, float 151 rum, ignite. Blow out, drink, and reminisce over the actor’s fate in The Usual Suspects. Spoilers.

Cocktail: Sorry Charlie, and once you see the movie, yada yada yada.

2oz Irish cream, 1/2oz vodka, 1oz Frangelico. Shake over ice and strain into a cocktail glass.


If you feel we’ve ruined the movie for you with these drinks, feel free to voice your anger in the comments section. We’ll take what we can get.

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“The Dark Knight” Drinks

Shot: Dark Knight, because sometimes you’re lazy and just gotta go with the title of the movie.

1/2oz dark rum, 1/2oz ginger liqueur

Cocktail: Salvatore Negroni, named for Eric Roberts’ mob boss, Salvatore Maroni, and kind of a mix between a Godfather and a Negroni. Aren’t we clever?

1oz gin, 1oz amaretto, 1oz campari. Stir with ice and strain into a rocks glass; garnish with an orange slice.


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“Batman Begins” Drinks

Shot: Blue Flower, after the bloom Bruce must bring to the top of the mountain monastery to learn the League of Shadows’ secrets. #Alliteration.

3/4oz elderflower liqueur, dash blue curaçao (or enough to make it blue anyways)

Cocktail: Face Your Fear, named for the part of the movie where Bruce must inhale the fear-inducing smoke of the burning blue flower and overcome his dread.

In an Irish whiskey glass/mug combine 1/2oz creme de violette and a dash of absinthe. Fill with hot tea and a squeeze of a lemon wedge. Inhale the vapors and try to get over your unnatural fear of unicorns- they’re not even real dammit!


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“Deadpool 2” Drinks

Shot: Black Tom, the a-hole from the mutant prison whose powers are… uh… being a jerk.

1/3oz Irish whiskey, 2/3 Kahlua

Cocktail: Collosus, DP’s big metal boy scout buddy. Probably doesn’t condone drinking.

Fill metal cup with ice. 3oz vodka, 2oz cranberry juice, juice of 1/2 lime, top off with ginger beer. Feel free to toss in the spent lime half if it’ll fit.


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“Space Jam” Drinks

Shot: Rim Shot, named after the ‘ba-dum, tsssh’ sound a drummer makes after a bad joke. Or just whenever a basketball hits the rim of the hoop. Ba-dum, tsssh.

3/4oz rum, 1/4oz cantaloup juice. Garnish shot glass with cantaloup ball.

Cocktail: Space Jam, and I really can’t remember how we came up with this name. I’m sure it took awhile though.

Place a frozen orange juice ball (they sell molds, and I highly recommend purchasing) in a small rocks glass. Add a dash of orange bitters and fill with vodka.


So, after 20 movie submissions, several polls, and hundreds of votes, we ended up with “Space Jam” as our listeners’ choice to review for episode 100. Us being us, we wound up not reviewing it until episode 102 and came up with two drinks based on basketballs. Give a listen here: