“RoboCop (2014)” Drinks

Our long national nightmare is over as we finish the fourth and final RoboCop movie of the franchise! What? There’s made for TV movies and a cartoon? Don’t care; we’re dunzo. Shot: RoboCop’s Got a Brand New Suit, because RoboCop gets a brand new suit. It’s black. 3/4oz black sambucca; “float” Campari. (The Campari doesn’t really float- we tried.) Cocktail: RC Reboot, and since this … Continue reading “RoboCop (2014)” Drinks

“RoboCop 3” Drinks

Three movies down, one to go. We can do this. We can do this. (Help.) Shot: Flaming RoboCop, because at one point he’s on fire, literally, and yet it doesn’t burn his human face off. 3/4oz silver rum, float 151 rum. Ignite, pretend it’s the film, blow out, and drink. Cocktail: Delta City, OCP’s continuing plan for what they want Detroit to become. Third time’s … Continue reading “RoboCop 3” Drinks

“RoboCop 2” Drinks

We’re already halfway home on the RoboCop franchise, and I gotta say, that feels pretty good. Maybe there’s something to be said for franchises that don’t have 20 entries…. Shot: Blue Velvet, the super-drug the bad guys want to process, since regular old Nuke isn’t bad enough I guess. 3/4oz vodka, 1/4oz blue curaçao Cocktail: Nuke, the regular old drug that isn’t bad enough and … Continue reading “RoboCop 2” Drinks

“RoboCop (1987)” Drinks

We kick off new franchise RoboCop by falling into bad habits, namely using ingredients that correspond to the letters of the names of the drinks. Shrug emoji. Shot: ED-209, bad guy Dick Jones’ answer to crime and war. Basically a AT-ST without a driver. Also growls like a lion and cries like a baby for some reason. 1/2oz each elderflower liqueur and Drambuie. E, D- get … Continue reading “RoboCop (1987)” Drinks