“G.I. Blues” Drinks

We here at The Besotted Geek are big fans of the King of Rock and Roll, so expect some random Elvis movies and drinks to start popping up throughout the year. This one’s our first.

Shot: GI Blues, the movie title, the main song, and least importantly, now the “official” shot.

2/3oz light pilsner beer; dash blue curaçao. Actually makes a light pilsner taste good.

Cocktail: Lili, the main love interest lounge dancer of the film. Yes, not lounge singer, lounge dancer.

1/2oz Lillet; fill rosé champagne. Lili/Lillet- get it? We’re so clever.


I don’t know what else to say besides thank you. Thank you very much. Oh, and check out our G.I. Blues episode for drink reactions, the movie review, and a draft of fave live-action movie musicals!

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