“Who Framed Roger Rabbit” Drinks

Enjoy these drinks– p-p-p-p-please!

Quite a fancy selection of alcohol for a bunch of drunken reprobates.

Shot: The Dip, after the turpentine-based concoction Judge Doom uses to dole out final punishments to unruly toons.

1/3oz each gin, melon liqueur, and elderflower liqueur

Cocktail: Scotch on the Rocks, the drink Eddie Valiant orders at the Ink & Paint Club, to predictable results.

Fill a rocks glass (har har) with frozen whiskey stones. Add 3oz blended scotch.

Both deadly to Roger Rabbit.

Two decent drinks if you like sweet and smokey. For live reactions and much more check out our second Fab Collab with Weird Science talking all things Who Framed Roger Rabbit!

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