“Justice League” Drinks

DC’s big team-up movie may have been a flop, but our tie-in beverages won’t disappoint! Probably.

Shot: The Unity, named after the unification of “cubes” (aka Mother Boxes in non-Peacockese) the big baddie is seeking to bring about.

1/4oz each blue curaçao, Campari, limoncello. If you layer them it’ll look like this for a bit:


Cocktail: Parademon Blood, after the bright green residue left over when one of these countless drones explodes.

In a blender, combine 1.5oz each white tequila, lime juice, Midori, and a cup of ice. Blend until smooth and transfer into a salt-rimmed glass. Pro tip: go easy on the salt.


As you can see in the photo above, The Unity blended together over time, which hey, was the point of the boxes anyhow I guess. As always, check out our thoughts on the drinks, movie, and a non-movie JL draft on our Justice League episode!

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