“Police Story” Drinks

Just try not to break any glass!

Because nothing says “Hong Kong” like tequila
What are we doing?

Shot: Wet Cactus, after the plant that gets sat on (I think— it’s been a few months since I saw the movie).

  • 1/2oz each gold tequila and orange liqueur

Cocktail: Birthday Cake, what gets shoved in Chan’s face after upsetting his girlfriend (and I’m like 95% I’ve got that one right).

  • Fill a shaker with ice and add 2oz vodka, 1/2oz each amaretto and white creme de cacao, and 1oz milk. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass. Top with whipped cream and sprinkles.
Looks pretty good, no?

I wish I could remember more about these drinks (and the movie), but it’s been awhile. But hey, check out our episode on Police Story to find out about both and much more!

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