“Friday the 13th” Drinks

Best enjoyed while playing strip Monopoly.

Vod-vod-vod, ka-ka-ka
*Bacon not pictured

Shot: Pome-la Vorhees, the nice lady who comes to the rescue at the end of the movie. Or not.

  • 1/2oz each vodka and pomegranate liqueur

Cocktail: Camp Blood-y Mary, part Crazy Ralph’s nickname for Camp Crystal Lake, part tasty brunch beverage.

  • Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add 2oz vodka, 4oz tomato juice, and a couple dashes each of Worcestershire sauce and celery bitters. Shake and strain into a large, ice-filled glass. Garnish with lemon and lime wheels and a piece of bacon, for not-star of the movie Kevin.
It’s not carrot juice, I swear

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